Vera Bradley

I was cordially invited by a friend to attend the Vera Bradley Anniversary Party, a highly private event. This post isn’t to brag about my winnings, more so to share with all our awesome readers of the overall experience I had. Basically I entered in the wish list raffle of probably 70 or so customers, and ended up being the fourth and last name called…meaning I won the GRAND PRIZE. I couldn’t believe I had won either.

I shared a story with my friend right before my name was called. The Story: I was previously chosen in another raffle and won. Before my name was called I was thinking to myself how hilarious it would be if I was the first person to be called on, which I was. Ironically, as I was thinking of my previous lucky experience, I ended up winning the whole sha-bang!!! I was pretty amazed. I was on an ‘awe-stricken’ high for days.

Great and Successful day.

My favorite current summer 2010 colors: Poppy Fields, Make Me Blush and Call Me Coral.

The upcoming Fall 2010 colors are a must to check out!

As for the fashion of Vera Bradley bags, I do think they have a vintage old-lady look, in a good and stylish way. Women from all ages enjoy these bags produced  by VB, which is pretty marvelous. It shows how versatile this line is. They’re easy to take care of, have fun patterns and styles, and they can be used for any occasion. Check them out at


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