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Hi, It’s JoJo.  Miss me?  Yea so I moved out to New York and it has been fantastical to say the least.  Fashion Week in Manhattan was another world….the fashion I’ve seen here is unreal, has me dreaming big things.  Recently I’ve been on a faux fur binge- my friends think I’m a bit nuts putting so much animal into of my closet.  I’ve also been on quest for a really great leopard coat- primarily that gorgeous one at top shop I’ve been dreaming of, but when it came to try on a big fur swing coat it looked a little excessive, so I settled for a military inspired leopard coat from H&M.  Still deciding if it suits me.  I’ve also knocked a few basics of my ‘to buy’ list in a recent shopping trip in Boston.  All I can say is I LOVE Marshalls. I bought boots there that might change my game forever. Oh and hats hats hats big black hats, yea I’m into it.  As for the moment, I was surfing NASTYGAL.com and found so many pices I’m really inspired by.  It’s the clothes along with the gorgeous model who I’ve developed a slight girl crush on.  She’s killing every look. I’ve always had a thing for those Sam Edelman Harness Boots above.  Also I have a new blog in the works.  A little more sophistique, high fashion, New York city and me.  Keep y’all updated.

All Pictures from http://www.shopnastygal.com

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The start of a new chapter, cliche i know, but very true. After four months of summer, I’m ready to start something new, fresh and different. This blog is my personal fashion critique and everything on my mind from my adventures to fashion and musica. Here, you’ll be able to witness the process of my growth as I start college, and continue to evolve into my own self.

No worries, every now and then I’ll be posting on my other blog with my very near and dear friend JoJo at wearsgoo.wordpress.com.

Get ready for some hopefully amazing posts that will make you astounded by what life has to offer….


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lions, tigers and elephants

The Olsen twins are iconic fashionistas… Jo and I are inspired by their fashion foward line and looks. Their new line of rings are so fun and sexy. Different rings can represent one person’s personality from another in a unique way. That’s why I’m OBSESSED with rings and things. Here are a few of my favs:

Photos by shopbop

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62nd Emmy Wins

Top Winners

Heidi Klum in Marchesa and Christian Louboutin

Lea Michele in Oscar de La Renta

Claire Danes in Armani Prive

Jennifer Carpenter

Jayma Mays in Burberry Prorsum

Emily Blunt in Christian Dior

Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen

Emmy trends: detailed embellishments, one shoulder, strapless and sparkle!

Photos courtesy of yahoo.

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Plastic Island

When we googled plastic Island,  we first encountered a literal floating island in the ocean comprised of plastic.  It was pretty crazy.  Let’s be aware of mass consumerism!  Green Trend AlERT: buy yourself a Brita water filter.

Otherwise, what we really were trying to find was this hot, urban and new-ish line; Plastic Island.

Some looks from this past season.

comfortable, easy pieces that allude an urban and edgy vibe.

Images from stantonjames.com

a newfound designer love ❤

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Vera Bradley

I was cordially invited by a friend to attend the Vera Bradley Anniversary Party, a highly private event. This post isn’t to brag about my winnings, more so to share with all our awesome readers of the overall experience I had. Basically I entered in the wish list raffle of probably 70 or so customers, and ended up being the fourth and last name called…meaning I won the GRAND PRIZE. I couldn’t believe I had won either.

I shared a story with my friend right before my name was called. The Story: I was previously chosen in another raffle and won. Before my name was called I was thinking to myself how hilarious it would be if I was the first person to be called on, which I was. Ironically, as I was thinking of my previous lucky experience, I ended up winning the whole sha-bang!!! I was pretty amazed. I was on an ‘awe-stricken’ high for days.

Great and Successful day.

My favorite current summer 2010 colors: Poppy Fields, Make Me Blush and Call Me Coral.

The upcoming Fall 2010 colors are a must to check out!

As for the fashion of Vera Bradley bags, I do think they have a vintage old-lady look, in a good and stylish way. Women from all ages enjoy these bags produced  by VB, which is pretty marvelous. It shows how versatile this line is. They’re easy to take care of, have fun patterns and styles, and they can be used for any occasion. Check them out at verabradley.com

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can you dance like a ballerina?

Indian summer has arrived!

I have a good month till school starts. I still feel that carefree spirit vibe since the beginning of summer. High school is in the past and I’m amazed, a bit dumb-founded; however, college hasn’t hit me the least bit.

This outfit epitomizes the child-like being in me. I remember my days as a ballerina and being able to do a full split.

Ahh to be young again…

Gap top; H&M skirt thrifted; Vera Bradley satchel

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Rings and Things

Goo and I LOVE to accessorize with Bling Bling.  Here is a small sample of some vintage rings and such from my collection…

This one I dug out of a sales pile at Macy’s

The rest are my mothers I have hoarded over the years….

XOXoxoxo JoJo

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I recently drove down to Berkeley with my friend to get a nose piercing. AH I’ve been wanting one for so long and I finally decided it was the right time. I’m pretty impressed with how it all came out. If you’re looking for a great, fairly clean, legitimate and affordable piercing place I’d recommend Zebra.

I also added a new utility jacket to my collection. A must-have that I’ve been eyeing on for months. It basically goes great with most of the outfits I wear and I’m sure I’ll make good use of it in the Seattle mist.








H&M jacket; forever21 striped leotard and sweater; COH skinny pant; Sperrys

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going out to a party.  I think this was the first time breaking out the Tory Burch booties…. I remember that because we ended up having to run in a park and they got muddy.  next day my mom’s like “wtf happened these?”. no pain no gain. Anyways other than that I kept it conservative and warm enough for the night with tights and a sweater.

Vintage t shirt, BP cardigan, Xhilleration mini, DKNY tights, Tory Burch patent booties

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