So far this summer I’ve been to….

Disneyland, Santa Monica and Oahu. During vacations I usually go casual and no stress, just put on a bikini and take a dip in the water. That basically sums up my entire trip in Hawaii. For Dland I went nuts, touristy to the maxx with a bit of Goo style. In Santa Monica everyone’s up their game in the latest trends and people are putting their flavas into what they wear, uniqueness. I went shopping crazy at the Promenade and Melrose Ave. None (buys) of which was documented by camera.

Disney is about being a kid again and I fully immersed myself into that mentality. Therefore, I sported my hot pink Disneyland princess tee, BDG shorts, Longchamp fanny, and Sperry sneaks. There’s always fun to be had at Dland.

Guess who made a guest appearance to California Adventures? Vanessa Hudgens. Of course she came prepared with her over-the-top black beach hat to hide from us crazy fools (fans).

Santa Monica Pier/Beach:

My few of my new buys included this F21 straw hat and red/white romper. It fits perfectly for beach wear.

I picked this F21 romper in Santa Monica. It can be worn to casual events like this North Shore beach house party or  evening wear with heels; it all depends on the accessories. Of course I accessorize with leis, army green Wayfarer Ray Bans and bare feet.


Vintage tie-dye crop tank, LF vest top, HCo. yellow shorties


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