Junior Prom

So I went to Junior Prom this year.  Somehow I’ve managed to attend both junior and senior two years in a row.  This arrangement was quiet last minute; luckily I had gone on a rampage for the dress the week before.  H&M recently debuted it’s garden collection and I had been awaiting it’s arrival for several weeks.  On my MUST GET list was this dress.  I went around to four different H&M stores in the bay area looking for this piece and amazingly enough I found the very last one in downtown san francisco in my size.  Perhaps it was meant to be!

I wanted to break out some of my new shoes; I have been dying to wear them, but I have barley even worn these peeps toe pumps and I didn’t want to be too tall for my date.

I scrambled to get ready, taking a leisurly morning to hang out and then rushing to do make up and deciding to get my nails done about and hour and a half before it started.  I picked out these earrings at macy’s in a manner of two seconds and I’m quite pleased with them.

I got my makeup done at chanel.  We decided on orangey-red lips, the color of my dress, and golden and brown lined eyes.  She did a great job, mainly I just wanted my skin to look good.  But I was introduced to the most luxurious lip color that’s just to die for, I believe it’s called georgina.

This look reminds me slightly of a spanish, romantic latina ensemble.  Pretty typical prom look.

For my senior prom, I want to go with a sexier, edgy, fashion forward look.  I thinking a dark/ mesh/ lace/ tight/ cutout type ensemble.  And some sky high killer heels,  maybe even my caged chanels…. we will see.



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