ut oh.

If you know me, then you are aware of my shoe obsession.

shoes make the outfit.

I went shopping. shoe shopping. ut-oh.

Big sale+ cheap prices+ designer brands= the death of me

I had to get rid of all of these to make room for the new guys….

But trust me.

the new recruits put all these babies to shame.

Now before you all judge me, you need to realize the monstrosity of this sale.  If you were there with me, you would have witnessed the hair-pulling, ape-shit invoking, heart racing price tags and grabbed the next pair of manolos in sight without thinking twice.

One things about me and goober is that we are die hard- cheap- asian- bargain hunters.

These were a steal.

yay me!

It’s been two days and I’m still beaming.

Unfortunately it’s been rainy but the moment the weather permits I’m breaking them out.



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3 responses to “ut oh.

  1. wow, congrats on your new shoes. i would have been right there with you pulling hair and shoving elbows for some bargains♥

  2. & also, the old ones don’t compare. you did the right thing by getting rid of them to make room. doesn’t that just feel so good??

  3. Thats the love spell of a great purchase! I’m very intrigued by the Chanels…POST MORE PICS! Oh ya, where on EARTH was this sale?!

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