School Style

Hey there, Beezy Em&J here!

This past week was some bipolar weather.  One day raining cats and dogs and the next thing you know,  a glorious sunny day!!!  We had to anticipate some crazy weather, which in turn led to some crazy outfits.  School looks from the week …

Goober rockin some acid wash jeans, BCBG blazer, H&M blouse, Frye Boots, Velvet Headband

JoJo working her mom’s crazy purple top, H&M leggings, Fringed boots from Japan

I thought it was going to rain…. I wore my shiney JC navy rainboots for the ocassion, however it was sunny of course.

H&M coat, H&M skinnies, Linen blouse.

This was one of those days when you wake up way past the alarm… the outfit you pick out the night before is hideous, and you basically just find a bunch of stuff to wear last minute.

Vintage cardigan, Zara skinnies, boots from Amsterdam, Forever leaf necklace


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