Chinese New Year

This is JoJo.  Hi.

Documentation of one day, two different outfits for Chinese New Year celebration events, and very atypical looks. To sum up my look, I generally don’t wear a whole lot of bright color. My closet if full of black; simple, chic, flattering, and never goes out of style.  However, Chinese New Year celebrations call for red, bright, happy colors and new clothing.  I went shopping and picked up this ridiculously pink shirt only because I had to.  Let me tell you, pink is a rare occasion for me.  I guess I liked the cut, shoulder padding, material, and well it was also on sale.  I think the outfit looks silly with the purple tights.  Basically what happened was I tried to get away with just wearing the purple tights as the colorful element in my all black outfit, but was forced into wearing the pink shirt at the last minute and was too lazy to change into black tights before I jumped in the car.  The end.

Dim Sum Luncheon:

Shirt: reformed, Jersey stretch dress: Zara, Plum tights: Hue, Flats: Tory Burch Bracelets: H&M

Dinner Banquet:

This second look is more generally what I wear, but I added my mom’s orange silk asian blouse to make it festive.  I honestly didn’t care about the weird top as long as it still some-what worked with my boots!

Blouse: Unknown, Stir-up ribbed tights: vintage,  Skirt: Xhilleration, Platform Boots: Matiko

One Last look, just because it has to do with Chinese New Year.  I wore this the night of Chinese New Years Eve to a banquet and then a birthday party/ night on the town.  I just got these Harem Pants the day before….finally!  I love them, they are light weight, comfortable, high waisted and perfect for traveling.  I’m obsessed with these Boutique 9 snake skin cut out booties, but unfortunately a six hour night out in these bad boys had me painfully hobbling around the rest of the weekend.

Cashmere Sweater: Whish, Fringed Tank: reformed, Harem Pants: silence+noise, Booties: Boutique 9, Quilted Clutch: Vintage, Abolone shell and gold earings: forever21


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